Thursday, January 24, 2013

Charlie Co's Ai Weiwei

Charlie Co working on his Ai Weiwei sculpture
Charlie Co, along with SecretFresh Gallery, launches his second artist collectible,  "Ai Weiwei", on February 7, 2013 at Secret Fresh's booth at the Art Fair Philippines. Based from his 2012 oil on canvas painting "Comrade Ai Weiwei in the Year of the Dragon", the Ai Weiwei toy , made of resin, will only have a limited edition of 30 pieces and 5 pieces which will be personally handpainted by Charlie himself. 


Ai Weiwei is a Chinese contemporary artist known for his political activitism. He has openly criticized the Chinese government and  its stance for human rights and has been apprehended and jailed in Beijing.
Charlie sees Ai Weiwei as icon for his radical thinking. In his painting, he depicts the Chinese artist as a brave and courageous individual. Ai Weiwei's hair is as fiery as his ideas. His bright red beard is like the fire that comes out of a Dragon's mouth.  His eyes are like white pearls against a black background, Charlie's interpretation that Ai Weiwei's views are only either black or white, and no grey areas. 

"Ai Weiwei On The Pushmepullyou" 45 in x 61 in / 2012

Along with the launching of the  toy, Charlie also puts up on exhibition a recent painting "Ai Weiwei on the Pushmepullyou" (45 in X 61 in).

Ai Weiwei rides the legendary animal from the storybooks of Dr. Dolittle called the Pushmepullyou, a horse with two heads and two front legs. Both heads want to go to opposite directions. Ai Weiwei rides the animal with two different idealsms, the eastern and the western. The background is filled with clouds with eyes, showing that his every move is being watched.

Charlie Co's Ai Weiwei sculptures at the Secretfresh booth at the Art Fair Philippines 2013

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